Super Young Guitarist module / SYG

SYG module is designed specially for young students who find guitar amazing but nobody dares to teach them for being such young kids. The process of learning such instruments at such age is an exhausting process for both kids and trainers.

Akshit @ 5 yrs

beginner guitar module is customized to SYG module to achieve high output learning like child’s play. you are highly likely to choose this course for your child if someone rejected your Guitar application for child being too young

bushi do guitar training method

artistic representation of a traditionally dressed samurai playing guitar

A six string samurai believes that his guitar held his soul. That makes the guitar the most important thing he has.

string samurais were always allowed to play anywhere people show them proper respect. Respect must be there for their guitar had to betuned, tested, repaired, rewinded, remounted, recaliberated multiple times throughout its lifetime.

Therefor six string Samurai must lead their lives according to the ethical code of bushi do (“the way of the warrier”).

That meant loyalty to one’s master, self-discipline and respectful, ethical behaviour. When a samurai lost his master, also called daimyo, he became a Ronin.

The bushi’s training methods, like meditation, judo and kendo, are still followed today. There is no longer a samurai class, but the successors of these families are well-respected.

Mother Academy is amongst the top institutions in country to offer samurai guitar module at youngest possible age.

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