world music competition 2020

India’s first all kids hyper band opening event on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2020 with we will rock you foottap cover

Sunrise all kids band


Prize distribution : #Guitarstudio


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Mother Music Academy

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In the dire need of hour when world is experiencing a global restriction due to COVID-19, we at thank all guiltfree users for the unbeatable support towards completely winning over quarantine and enforced restrictions to a seamless work/class schedule.

guiltfree invites all mighty young superstars to participate in world online music competition to showcase their extraordinary talent on toppriority global networks and global digital media web platforms.

All qualifier entries will be taken for profile promotion on Internet as a rare opportunity for free grand promotion on web. Serious music aspirants must not lose the opportunity to get promoted for their hard earned skill.

Selected Qualifier entries will also get chance to perform opening covers for hyper bands, semi finalists and finalist entries.

Award categories for finalist and semi finalists entry

final winner world category champion A,B,C,D,E,F,G categories

pro user worth $71.87 each final winner along with beginner coach module with 100% scholarship on coaching fees worth $710 for each category final winner

total award worth for each category final winner – $781.87

final category award worth total – $5473.09

Mention below category in entry application.

Category A – solo/unit music with vocals

Category B – solo/unit music without vocals

Category C – group/duet/band with vocals

Category D – group/duet/band without vocals

Category E – song writing with music

Category F – song writing without music

Category G – vocals only

Mention learning term in entry application

Applicant learning for 0-1year

Applicant learning for 1-2 years

Applicant learning for 2 or more years

Applicants age 19 years and under can apply. Maximum age allowed for competition is 19 years

Last date for entry submission is June/05/2020

After successfully achieving seamless musical operations at guiltfree Exclusive and in-house IFTD protocol based online music classes. Guiltfree has taken IFTD technology to a new level where students not only learn but also create, transfer, learning to manage end to end data, channelise and promote their work during class.

Email your child’s 1 minute application song entry. at guiltfree we believe every child has extraordinary talent safekept in ultra core. As a parent we all are expected to explore our child and his interests.

Send entry request / application song at


AGE (max 19 years allowed)



LEARNING TERM in years and months

entries being received from various countries across globe. Secure your entry today


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world online music competition provides a common scale for planet’s extraordinary talent to work together in a never seen before tough time and come up with never experienced before music.

*start time is applicants age when they started to learn applied subject