Syg Vivaan

Vivaan is featuring as youngest band guitarist 2018

Vivaan started to learn with his music band at the fragile age of 5 years, which is youngest in the history of academy records.

God bless Vivaan aka

Vivaan is the youngest band guitarist amongst his 8 + 4 band partners to start at 5 years at his record facility sunrise nest, Indirapuram, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

he is learning SYG module under guitarsir coach.

Vivaan is very inquisitive with contrary reserved nature. He asks questions with his incredible drawings at class board parking.

He has his favourite purple baby acoustic which is enough to make you wonder with his tunes.

Vivaan is an active member of SYG Powered sunrise hyper music band which is listed as india’s first official youngest band to perform for such large scale audience network. As very less dedicated coaches invest their time with young kids as it takes disturbingly long time for teachers to train innocent toddler on a complex instrument like guitar. So very young students are straightaway denied. Vivaan and other sunrise band members have embossed the reality on scale of time that all those teachers missed the fun of writing Vivaan like incredible student’s profiles in their portfolios.

At core Vivaan is a fairly helpful gentleman and intelligently polite with elders.

He loves to draw, what to do’s answer is to draw for him. He likes to draw various types of advanced guitars which might exist in future.

He loves to talk about planets and their dynamics. His favourite character is Sonic the hedgehog, supposedly because sonic is incredibly fast. His station login username is

In totality Vivaan is a great future for guitaring in hyper digital age. If he keeps up with above fields of his interest. He seems to be a great resource for his country pride to represent on more bigger scales in future.

Stay blessed Vivaan

Catch Vivaan live exclusive on 23 July 2020 in academy record and documentation event at 8.00 pm IST

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