GAI – Guiltfree Ambulance Initiative

When we see an ambulance getting late for hospital, we feel equally guilty for not being able to help because of that tiny momentary strictness in life.







Watch this soul grinding video to understand the pain patient and family go through if ambulance was not let go

By donating an ambulance please do not start to believe that your hard earned money is a reason for someone to earn his living.

Your donation is literaly being Used here. means it. That’s one of our founding values.

At an ambulance is like a partner who is literally and constantly being used at fullest of its capacity to help saving a dying life.

Ambulance doesn’t get tired for that

One should donate an ambulance to overcome his guilt for not being able to do anything for that patient and his family who did not make it to hospital bed because of any godforsaken reason.

Guiltfree Ambulance Initiative (GAI) is a webbed dream of multiple and fully equipped, 24×7 full life support ambulances; if those were alive and could do anything extra for a dying life.

We are on a foot. You may want to become the other one. One should also donate an ambulance because Karma is the best perfume. And it takes one to various places.

Let us take a foot by foot walk towards a guiltfree life. And leave a good trail for our offsprings to develop a beautiful world.


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