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livestream scheduled at 12.00 noon 24 july 2020.

If you have arrived early, Watch hyper guitar module ad film featuring UNG-LEE (the samurai) below, till we come back with today’s livestream

This video is submitted by young guitar students at mother academy. unglee is a blue color guitar finger cap who worships guitarsir as his guru to learn from him but he is too scared to pickup the guitar.

ungli tries to wink with music but he fails miserably everytime and guitarsir yells at him. unglee finds guitars very interesting but he does not have courage to pickup guitar.

he likes to dream about guitar and guitar sir adventures. he gets filled with joy when guitarsir play guitar at various places and audience goes crazy crazy crazy. unglee believes he will be a great guitarist one day. but he doesnt want to admit that he needs to follow guitarsir command to play like a rockstar.

this is story of every finger who is waiting to play guitar like a rockstar at least once in lifetime.

original song audio courtesy – zoobi doobi from 3 idiots

original audio Record label – t series

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