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Guitarsir (also known as The sir by his pupils) born 12th October 1984 is professional Guitar teacher since his early childhood.

artistic representation of samurai playing guitar in ancient traditional dress

Guitarsir set the foundations of guitar learning settings over Internet protocol more than a decade ago. operated Guitarsir learning module is the first on earth to start a full range guitar learning, production, and broadcast under single IFTD protocol enabled service facility.

Guitar Sir is colloquially known to coach entire guitar training module to a 3 year old student and a 90 years old student together. considering the human brain’s comprehension and relative motor ability variance in different ages, such act is considered to be highly difficult to achieve in usual guitar training modules.

Sir started teaching young students at an early age, and started to develop customi[1]sed teaching methods for children with varying learning abilities while Guitarsir was himself a teen.

Sir runs a coach facility hosted at, and supports various field mechanisms with his coach facility. Sir also studied footwear as a subject as a graduate diploma with design major. And worked with various projects at globally reputed facilities. During his professional footwear projects he worked closely with communication, networking and serious web development experts and willingly learned to develop a society of distinguished Teachers, Artists, Designers, Scholars, and Scientists along with his footwear and business management career.

Guitarsir runs indie music academy[2] that aims:

  • to promote and maintain standards in coaching
  • to research and train on high output coaching methodology
  • to promote and invent innovative and more effective coaching equipment

Sir is known to have developed a customized guitar training module for toddlers as no guitar teacher usually agrees to teach students below 8- 10 years. As it is an extremely exhausting process to learn a complex instrument for such young child. And equally brain crushing for teacher as well.

Guitarsir has developed a super young guitarist module to learn extreme guitar like child’s play and is promoting totally ignored yet serious guitar potential with his monthly tabloid named as {{UserboxCOI|}}

Guitar sir coaches guitar students for a variety of music genres. he claims to be intensely focused with beginner guitar module for new kids on block for them being future guitarists and mostly includes pop and rock. yet his favorite production music genre remains extreme fusion genre of heavy metalindustrial and grindcore metal, which in a way is a brand new genre he claims as ultra core metal.

Notable work and Credits

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Student work station

Sir is known for his extraordinary devotion towards his students and their growth in life with the relative subject at hand. with constantly increasing number of students across the globe he created an internal music station for his students to remotely work together and create fresh music and cover music seamlessly at full potential

Sir is deeply inspired by indian classic Interstellar safeguarding television series captain vyom and hopes that mother music station may propagate music signals in space in coming decades to explore music reach in interversal expedition as station currently serves only planet earth as a connected program host in present.

Mother Music Station / MMS[1]

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