Coaching is well-proven as the most efficient aid to learn anything. Did you ever want to learn music? or learn how to make a Computer game? or build computer applications? science? crafting? drawing? or need help for your child’s education? perhaps you did not receive it in your syllabus, what your child has today. maybe you are too wealthy to deal with a born rich offspring. maybe you did not understand something at school or college or you missed a part of course in your time.

A teacher knows the solution.

subscribe to a fully equipped service to provide individual tuition tailored to specific needs in a vast range of subjects, training levels and age groups.



At mother academy we:

  • Offer excellent skill development support to students
  • Cultivate self encouragement and motivation
  • Integrate Skill enhancement and learning techniques in every module
  • Help students to understand The key examination techniques
  • Develop organizational skill for relative system
  • Offer professional support from seniors and experts who have been through the relative exam system
  • Offer a mentor for pupil
  • Offer a partnership in learning
  • Offer Assignment assistance
  • Never compromise on class quality to ensure best scores every time.
  • Forge a great student with never tiring Teacher passion

A Promise to facilitate someone, who will surely build confidence in your child and get best scores in his/her exams.  our premium trainers are verified and experienced professionals to deal with a child’s future

guiltfree sociality redefined – solitaire initiative

Solitaire team of guiltfree teachers started to teach vital skills to needy youth. they shaped the hidden talents and produced high quality, heavy duty, and durable workwear and extreme survival toolkits. it is made with all due precision by those who deserved to build these for a wonderfully desired compensation for a skill they learned some years or decades ago. however this craftsmanship, skill, and art remained piled up with the dust of ignorance. our team of distinguished Teachers, Artists, Scholars, Designers and Scientists acknowledged the skill and channelized it by giving an abundantly resourceful platform to every hand who joined the program.